Reduced risk through automated compliance validation of local closing agents.

The Lender Problem

Purchase loans drive a growing network with thousands of settlement agents. Thousands of local settlement agents and branches make it difficult for lenders to ensure accurate information is maintained in LOS systems, Disclosures, and other key areas. Data inaccuracies create risk for compliance and funding.

The Closepin Solution

Closepin is your source of truth to obtain validated information from your settlement agent network. A free and easy-to-use profile gives agents a cloud-based system to securely provide information about their business including wire, insurance, licensing, contact, and other important data. Our platform ensures accuracy of documents with an API to make information easily accessible to your systems.

Reduced risk.
Increased efficiency.
Decreased cost.

How it Works

Using Closepin is easy.

Enterprise Account Creation

Closepin creates the lender's account, establishing compliance requirements, validation frequency, and data points they would like validated.

Onboard Agent Network

The lender's existing closing agent network is onboarded and new closing agents are added as requested.


When requested, Closepin validates closing agents and issues validation certificates to the lender.

Continued Support

Closepin provides ongoing compliance validation and considers new closing agents for approval at the lender’s or consumer’s request.

We make risk reduction affordable.

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Ready to Close
Faster with

  • Prevent Wire Fraud
  • Verify settlement ABA/Account info
    before funding
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Your source of truth for validated
    settlement agent data to your LOS.
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Closepin makes vendor management for
    thousands of settlement agents simple.

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